Descosuc 5 L

Descosuc 5 L

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Product Properties:


Descosuc is a combined preparation for disinfection and cleaning of all dental suction systems. It is free from active chlorine and consequently does not remobilise heavy metals such as mercury from amalgam. It is thus excellently suited for the gentle disinfection and maitenance of dental suction systems with or without integrated amalgam separators.


Descosuc is based on a completely new combination of quaternary ammonium compounds as active ingredients with a high material compatibility. The product has excellent cleaning properties and is low-foaming.

It is recommended to use Descosuc Cleaner as a pre-cleaner for the suction system before using Descosuc.

Descosuc meets the requirements of the German law concerning the avoidance of sensitising agents in medical facilities (TRGS 525/406).

Range of application:

Disinfection, cleaning and maintenance of all kinds of suction systems. The regular use of Descosuc guarantees a high hygienic standard of the suction system as well as failure-free operation.


For the preparation of the working solution dissolve 20 ml concentrate in 1 litre hot water (minimum 40-60 °C) and extract by suction immediately. The working solution is low- foaming. If necessary extract by suction up to 3 times a day. To protect the material of the suction system it is recommended to perform the disinfection before starting the daily work and not to leave the disinfectant in the suction system over night.


    Antimicrobial Properties:

    Descosuc is:

    • bactericidal incl. MRSA
    • tuberculocidal
    • fungicidal (C. albicans)/yeasticidal
    • virus inactivating incl. HBV/HIV/HCV/BVDV/Vaccinia viruses
    • deodorant

    Concentrations & Exposure Times:


    bactericidal incl. MRSA, fungicidal (C. albicans)/yeasticidal

    acc. to VAH/DGHM

    tested at high soiling level 2    for    15 min

    1 %          for         30 min

    TB bacteria (M. terrae) 2 %  for 15 min

    1 %    for 30 min

    effective against all enveloped viruses incl. HBV/HIV/HCV/ BVDV/Vaccinia/Influenza viruses                                  

        2%               for                          10 min

    (acc. to DVV/RKI guidelines)


    Descosuc will be supplied from Modern Pharmaceutical company(MPC) with in 2-3 working days

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