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Med-Apex Globe is the exclusive distributor for Bellavie Belgium in the United Arab Emirates,

Bellavie an innovative range of microbiotics, synbiotics and Synbioceuticals with a scientific approach focused the current problems of global health.

BellaVie offers a line of Synbioceuticals with a science-based approach focused on current global health issues. BellaVie is a new Belgian producer of microbiotics and synbiotics specifically oriented to specific medical questions like how to boost of the immune system, how to help to manage stress, cholesterol, diabetes, vaginal flora and infectious diseases in children.

Bellavie Europe.jpg
[BEL-01] Bellavie IMMUNO.jpg
[BEL-02] BellaVie GLUCO.jpg
[BEL-03] BellaVie WOMAN.jpg
[BEL-04] BellaVie CHOLESTEROL.jpg
[BEL-05] BellaVie CHILDREN.jpg
[BEL-06] BellaVie STRESS.jpg
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